CM - Set of 30 paint roller textures 1546705


A set of 30 ink/paint roller textures created from real paint roller strokes. I've scanned them, adjusted them and removed the background while trying to keep the original texture & details of each sample as much as possible for a realistic and authentic effect.
These textures work great as backgrounds, or as masks to add texture to your texts, logos and other designs. They can be combined for custom results.
You will receive 1 ZIP containing 30 individual PNG files.
Please note: these are not vector textures - only high res PNG files are included.
PNG with transparent background.
PNG files size: precise sizes are indicated in the "preview" picture. The files have a resolution of 600 DPI
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CM - Fruit and Berry 1546682


PNG | 276 MB ZIP
Hand-drawn watercolor fruit and berry patterns set with plums, cherry, strawberry and pineapple. Use it for textile design , wrapping paper design and more.
300 dpi
This Collection includes
• 12 hand-drawn JPG patterns
• + PNG patterns with transparent background
• + PNG illustrations of cherry, plums, pineapple and strawberry on transparent background
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CM - Cute afrikan animals.Watercolor set 1551136


Watercolour hand painted cute afrikan animal clip art in colorful combinations will add a little joy to any project.This set is perfect for your design project, invitations, scrapbooking, fabric print, websites, blogs, baby shower invitations, labels, cards, greeting cards, party decorations and or any project imaginable!
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CM - Cute Forest Animals Clipart 1551874

Forest Animals set is a collection of cute minimalistic vector forest wild-life clipart and patterns in EPS, PNG and JPEG formats. You can use them for postcards, children's clothes, nursery decor, merchandise, stickers, stationary and much more!
What's included:
  • 45 clipart elements - individual EPS files
  • 45 clipart elements - individual PNG files (with transparent background)
  • 12 patterns - individual EPS, PNG, JPEG files (total 36 files).
  • 1 Ai file with all clipart in one file.
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CM - Tropical Summer 2 Clip Art Set 1552407


16 high quality (300 dpi) handpainted elements of Tropical Summer 2 Clip Art Set
Once payment has been made, digital files will be available for download in your account.
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CM - Succulents 1546845


PNG | 753 MB ZIP
This pack is full of pretty little succulents in a watercolour style. They are great for use in logos, invitations, websites, stationary, apparel and anything else you can dream up.
WHAT YOU GET: 57 (300dpi) hand drawn (using a stylus + tablet) graphic elements. Each element is an individual PNG with transparent background. This pack consists of:
  • 4 Flower Elements
  • 2 Wreath Elements
  • 2 Crescent Wreath Elements
  • 16 Pot Elements
  • 8 Mini Succulent Elements (15cm x 15cm)
  • 8 Large Semi-Transparent Succulent Elements (30cm x 30cm)
  • 8 Large Succulent Elements (30cm x 30cm)
  • 9 Potted Succulent Elements
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CM - Spring Story. Watercolor set 2357631
PNG PSD | 2.8 GB
This set would also look perfect as decoration, greetings cards, fabrics, deco for wedding, invitations and romantic gifts, prints for clothing and any more....
  • 53 Elements, as separated PNGs files on the transparent background, 300 DPI
  • 12 FRAMES, as separated PNGs, 5000x5000px, 300 DPI on the transparent background, separated
  • JPEGs, 5000x5000 px, 300 DPI
  • 10 FRAMES (gold) as separated PNGs, 5000x5000 px, 300 DPI
  • 7 Frames (gold) as separated JPEG 5000x5000 px, 300DPI on white background
  • 5 Frames (gold) as separated JPEG 5000x5000 px, 300DPI on the black background
  • 26 LETTERS of alphabet and & black and gold as separated PNGs, 300 DPI, transparent background
  • 9 WREATHS as separated PNGs, 5000x5000px, 300 DPI on the transparent background
  • 16 WASHES and OMBRE as separated PNGs, 300 DPI on the transparent background
  • 4 PRE-made Cards, as separated PNGs, 3250x4450 px, 300 DPI on the transparent background, and as JPEGs, 3250x4450, px300 DPI
  • 2 BOUQUETS as separated PNGs, 4500x5000 px,300 DPI on the transparent background,
  • 5 SEAMLESS PATTERNS and 1 NON SEAMLESS PATTERN as separated PNGs, 5000x5000 px, 300 DPI on the transparent background and as separated JPEGs 5000x5000 px, 300 DPI
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CM - Friends of forest. Part II 2430900


PNG | 248 MB ZIP
This set of high quality hand painted animals. Boho style.
You will receive:
  • 6 animals illustration (PNG, transparent background, 300 dpi)
  • 52 floral elements, (flowers, leaves and ect.) (PNG, transparent background, 300 dpi)
  • 4 floral bouquets (PNG, transparent background, 300 dpi)
  • 6 posters ( 300dpi, jpg)
  • 12+ seamless patterns ( 4000 px x 4000 px, 300dpi, jpg)
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CM - Tropical watercolor set 1559720


PNG | 753 MB ZIP
Beautiful summer watercolor set! This set include fresh wreaths, design elements, seamless patterns and watercolor illustrations! All the images are printable and have hi resolution 300 dpi so you can use it for different amazing projects. It fits to do hawaiian style wedding invitation, party afiche poster, advertising banner, blog background! Its great for summer travel or vacation theme!
You get 20 PNG images with transparent back + 3 seamless patterns! All of them are printable and with hi 300 DPI resolution
  • 7 WREARTS (separated files PNG, 300 DPI 10x10 in)
  • 8 DESIGN ELEMENTS (separated files PNG, 300 DPI 17x10 in and 17x20 in)
  • 3 SEAMLESS PATTERNS (hi-res files JPG, 300 DPI 50x50 in)
  • 5 WATERCOLOR ISOLATED ILLUSTRATIONS (separated files PNG, 300 DPI 10x10 in and 5x10 in)
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CM - Chop Chop Lumberjack Volume 1 1565589


PNG Ai | 174 MB ZIP
Chop Chop Lumberjack Volume 1 contains 39 ready-to-use vector texture, sourced from real trees freshly chopped down by real people.
Available in PNG with transparent background together with vector format (AI and EPS), these texture can be utilized quickly, saving you the hassle and time & allow you to focus on delivering great results.
Nuts and bolts:
  • 13 vector texture sourced from cut trees, each of them has 2 additional versions of vector in handsome halftone which were post processed tastefully. See preview #2. In total there're 39 vectors.
  • Format: High resolution PNG with transparent background, AI (CS4 and above), EPS (CS4 and above)
  • Resources made especially for graphic artist to work with. Extremely detailed.
  • All products from my shop are backed with a 30 days Satisfaction-or-your-money-back guarantee. I'll promptly refund your money if requested. No question asked
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CM - Coffee Vector Illustration 2423932


So what do you get :
  • 2 coffee plants sketch illustration
  • 2 coffee pots sketch illustration
  • 2 coffee seed bags sketch illustration
  • 1 seed sketch illustration
  • 1 coffee fruit sketch illustration
  • 1 manual burr sketch illustration
  • 1 cup of coffee sketch illustration
  • 1 hand lettering logo coffee ( like in screenshot )
  • extra bonus 4 logos ( outlined font )
  • extra bonus 4 typography about coffee
  • free menu design template
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CM - Paper Tears 01 2339578


PNG | 217 MB ZIP
Look. Life is a mess. we are all broken people. and life at times can feel overwhelming — it’s part of the great human experience.
And what better way to celebrate that than shreds of paper that i personally collected and scanned in at a fantastic resolution.
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CM - Set of Peonies DIY 1565678


I present a set for creating cards, patterns, compositions with beautiful peonies handmade. In the set there are already ready templates in which you can insert your text.
Zip file contains:
  • Greeting cards: 2480?×?3543px 300dpi; 3543?×?3543px 300dpi. Format: JPEG
  • Floral compositions: 4200?×?2412px 300dpi. Format: JPEG, PNG
  • Bouquets of flowers: 3543?×?4724px 300dpi. Format: JPEG, PNG
  • Wreath of flowers: 3543?×?3543px 300dpi. Format: JPEG, PNG
  • Compositions for the angles of a greeting card: 3300?×?4200px 300dpi. Format: JPEG, PNG
  • Small flower bouquets: 2740?×?2712px 300dpi. Format: JPEG, PNG
  • Set of watercolor plant elements: 14173?×?16535px 300dpi. Format: JPEG, PSD
  • Seamless Patterns: from 3543?×?2480px 300dpi. Format: JPEG, PNG
  • PNG, PSD - on a transparent background
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CM - Tropical Summer 1565762


Finally It's summer! This pack include awesome summer illustration with animals and plants :) Three little friends - cat , raccoon and monkey . Bright florals and leaves with golden elements.
What do you get?
  • 16 PNG files max 5726x7500 300dpi
  • 3 EPS files (vector)
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CM - Watercolor Tropical Flowers Wreath 1565587


Tropical Bouquets Clipart, Pink Yellow Flowers Watercolor Wreath Wedding Invitations Floral Clipart Exotic Jungle Flowers Leaf Fern Summer
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